Android Development Services

Android development is a type of software engineering that focuses on producing apps for Android-based devices. Android development can entail a variety of programming languages, and there are four basic components to an Android app that allow it to run.

The Android developers at Rad Techno Services are software developers who specialize in developing software for Android-based mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

The Android development process involves writing software code, integrating backend services, and putting the app through its paces on mobile devices.


What makes our service unique?

The development industry is witnessing a surge in demand for Android mobile application development, necessitating the hiring of knowledgeable developers with the necessary skill set.

Rad Techno Services gives you the best Android development services. Some of our services include an open-source WebKit layout-based web browser that supports HTML5 and CSS3 user interfaces.

The Android services we provide support a variety of connectivity options for telephonic communication and data transmission, including GSM, CDMA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more.

Our services include a number of APIs that make location-tracking services such as GPS easier to use.

Rad Techno Services are user-friendly, have a strong community behind them, allow for more customization, and a lot of businesses make Android-compatible devices using our services.

Android developers at Rad Techno Services have a bachelor's degree or diploma in computer science, as well as experience in a technological setting. You need not worry about the services as our developers are fluent in a programming language and have a strong design sense.

Our developers have the following skills that make them good and efficient, so you'll get the best Android development services:


Tools and programming languages

Algorithms and data structures

Analytical abilities



Awareness of cyber security

Agile development

Computing on the server-side

Quality assurance and testing

Critical thinking

Android Development Tools we use

Android is a free and open-source platform that allows you to create your own apps. There is no need to acquire an elaborate developer phone or register your hardware as a development device because the tools required for its creation are free.

Here is a list of the best Android development tools that we use at Rad Techno Services:

Android Studio

Without the Android Studio, it's impossible to talk about Android app development. It's the most fundamental Android development application for programmers. It's a fantastic tool because it has Google's backing as well as a vast development community that helps us provide you with the best services.

Android SDK

The Android Software Development Kit (SDK) provides the API libraries and developer tools that we use to create, test, and debug Android apps. It is one of the most used Android development apps (SDKs) in our services. It comes with the necessary Android SDK components as well as a version of the Eclipse IDE with built-in ADT (Android Developer Tools) that helps us create Android apps faster.


Rad Techno Services has used it for the development of many Android applications. Our developers may employ a variety of testing kits, as well as marketing and promotion kits, on the platform. These components make it simple to guarantee that our services are user-friendly and appropriate for the user.

GameMaker: Studio

It is an excellent choice for our developing services. The platform includes everything we need to make a 2D game with minimal programming and coding. It also offers a drag-and-drop interface that makes getting started with Android development relatively straightforward for new developers.

Titanium Mobile SDK

The Titanium SDK gives community developers an unrivaled ability to use JavaScript to create high-quality native, mobile, web, and rich hybrid apps for all platforms. Titanium's over 5000 APIs enable us to create a rich user experience in a fraction of the time for our services. Despite various drawbacks such as flexibility constraints, user experience difficulties, and complexity concerns, the Titanium Mobile SDK is our best choice for developing Android and other cross-platform apps.

Why Rad Techno Services Only?

Android development may be enjoyable and rewarding but can also be challenging. It's a fantastic way to get your feet wet in app development. With a little practice, you can make your own Android applications and share them with the rest of the world.

Rad Techno Services improves development efficiency and works on assessing and identifying new technologies and features. To increase the application's performance, we work on the debugging process. We also research new technologies in order to apply them and improve the app's performance.


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