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RAD Techno Services has designed various career oriented programs for candidates who want to build their future in IT & Electronics industry.

RAD Techno Services provides a bridge between an Education Experience & an Industrial Experience & thus provides a platform to polish technical skills of a student.

RAD Techno Services helps to build a pool of quality engineers who can be recruited to top organizations in industries. Also, it would enable the students to better equip themselves to fulfill the demands of the industry.

RAD Techno Services provides job oriented training to its students and not only a theory clarification of the subject so that student can prove himself/herself at the time of interview & also at the time of job in respective industry. Faculty of RAD Techno Services are not Subject Teachers instead are Software Engineers, IIT & MTech Qualified assets of an Industry who can provide you more practical command in the subject beyond the theories only...

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This Is What We Provide In Training

RAD Techno Services Helps To Build A Pool Of Quality Engineers Who Can Be Recruited To Top Organizations In Industries

.Net Training

  • Introduction to .Net and Visual Studio
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Encapsulation, Inheritance, Overloading, Overriding
  • Namespaces, Classs, IIS, Virtual Directories
  • ASP.NET & Web and Windows forms designing
  • Server controls and validation of inputs, Validation Controls and Different type of Variables & Methods
  • Configuration files & Data Management & Web.config/Machine.config
  • Data binding in ASP.NET & Data Grids, Data list & repeater or Creating user controls, custom controls
  • Themes and Master Pages, Site Navigation, XML Site Map File, URL Mapping
  • Displaying Data with the GridView Control, Managing States, Session State, Application State
  • Application level and page level Tracing & Caching
  • Data caching, page - AJAX, JQUERY, MS-AJAX & Web Services
  • Deployment, Builds, and Finishing Up

Php Training

  • An Introduction to PHP .
  • Variables and Arithmetic .
  • Control of Flow and Logical Expressions .
  • Functions & Arrays and Array Manipulation
  • Strings and string manipulation .
  • File Handling, Mysql, accessing mysql database in php .
  • cookies, session handling & mvc framework .

Digital Marketing Training

  • Introduction to SEO
  • On-Page Best Practices
  • Keyword Research & Competitive Analysis
  • Design & Architecture
  • Site Optimization & Best Practices
  • Link-Building
  • SEO for Local Search
  • SEO Site Audits
  • SEO Tracking
  • SEO Tools

Android Training

  • Introduction To Android
  • Android Architecture
  • Android Application Fundamentals
  • Android Layout & GUI Management
  • Android Resource Management
  • Animation In Android
  • SQL Database Storage
  • Content Provider
  • Third Party Libraries Integration
  • Resftful XML and JSON Parsing
  • Background Task Processing And Service & Broadcast Receiver
  • Location Based Services
  • Work On Live Project

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