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Rad Techno Solutions offer software consulting services to help you highlight which technology to use aligns with your needs and operational and financial goals. Our software consultants strive to maximize your ROI and bring your ideas to life by leveraging their expertise in emerging technologies such as Blockchain, AI, IoT, and Cloud Computing.

A Software Consulting Firm That Accelerates Your Digital Transformation Journey

We have experienced software consultants who provide expert insight by identifying technology gaps in your business to bridge the gap between your business and cutting-edge technology. Increase. Our software consulting team combines technical know-how with industry best practices to help our clients transform their digital journeys through proper planning and successful execution of outlined IT strategies.

Our Software Consulting Services

Consulting for Software Launch

We work with you to develop a new software solution (mobile, online, desktop, or SaaS) or evaluate your current one for improvements. Our software consulting specialists help you select the best tech stack, enhance designs, and determine projected ROI, time commitments, and prices.

Software Integration & Enhancement Consulting

We assist you with integrating cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, IoT, AI, and cloud computing to alter existing software applications, improve their functionality, and add value. We make sure to increase the security and scalability of your solution.

Identification Of The Technology Stack

We are here to help you choose the best technology to scale your business to a new level of market advantage if you have no idea whether technology is better for your business or do not have the time to investigate it.

Consultants For Software Compliance

Our goal is to create and deliver custom software applications of the highest quality that abide by rules and standards. We assist you in bringing software development and quality assurance procedures into compliance with rules and regulations.

Our Software Development Team's Focus Areas

Blockchain Technology

With our software strategy consultancy, which we have provided for more than 20 Fortune 500 clients, we can assist you in determining the potential of Blockchain for your business idea.

Augmented Reality

Use the AR promise to alter important activities and advance your proficiency. We transform concepts into functional AR Applications.

Artificial Inteligence

With our proficiency in machine learning, RPA, image processing, and deep learning models, we revolutionize enterprises with the newest AI software.

Mobile & Web Application

Our team can help you develop a successful mobile or web app from scratch and can offer you full support from conception to launch. We were one of the first few organizations to debut a commercial app on the App Store.

Internet of Things

Our IoT professionals build and develop safe IoT solutions that enable you to acquire vast amounts of information and improve critical processes thanks to their extensive knowledge of IoT systems and advancements.

Various Sectors Benefit From Our IT Consulting Services


Utilizing cutting-edge technologies to reduce operational challenges and streamline logistics operations


Quick payment settlements automate complex processes and boost the speed and security of financial transactions.


Transforming company concepts into user-friendly, cutting-edge digital solutions for entrepreneurs.

Retails & E-commerce

IT consulting business Improve your consumers and your company's buying experience with a compelling digital solution.

Travel & Hospitality

Creating specialized travel technology solutions to improve the effectiveness and comfort of travel for people, packages, and staff.


Connected smartphone apps can be used to remotely manage automobiles and improve the manufacturing process in the automotive industry.


Delivering tailored software solutions to streamline production procedures and cut costs.


Automating health checks to minimize time and cost and improve healthcare services for individuals and healthcare providers.

Our IT Consulting Process In Steps


We outline the business objectives and workflow for your system and talk to our IT consulting service team about whether your project is feasible.


To ensure that clients receive the greatest possible advantage from IT, our IT consulting service team will construct the product using industry best practices.


To help you reach your business objective, our IT consulting advisers analyze current IT support services and determine how they might be upgraded to new technology.


There is constantly room for advancement. By updating the most recent IT technology, we always work to be on the cutting edge and gain the first-mover advantage.

Consulting in technology: our strategy

At various stages of their software development and implementation projects, our team helps enterprises. We have the abilities and knowledge necessary to transform conceptual ideas into precise solution specifications. We also oversee the whole lifecycle development of corporate systems of any complexity and ensure that they are seamlessly integrated into operational procedures and IT frameworks.

We help innovative businesses that are excited about digitizing their operations. We evaluate the initial idea's potential as a technology consulting firm and take into account the best tech stack for realizing it.

To match the validated idea with actual business operations and create a pertinent development and implementation plan, we conduct a business analysis.

We create and set up custom software in accordance with the agreed requirements while adhering to the project plan and the chosen engagement model. We offer a long-term post-deployment software maintenance and upgrading strategy upon request.

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